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"free your soul" | INTERNATIONAL

"free your soul" - an incredible journey to your highest self with Yoga & Artmaking



What are your greatest desires, my dear? Your wildest dreams?


In my “free your soul” yogaART workshop we embark on a wonderful journey, that creatively reminds you of who you are.


A beautiful fusion of intuitive art-making, yoga & transformative meditation.


Connect deeply with your essence and your heart-wishes. Follow your intuition and just do what makes your soul happy.

Become aware of everything inside of you, that wants to taken into this physical dimension.


Next to powerful color energy, intuitive painting and creative-transformative mixed media techniques, restorative yoga, transformative meditations, chakra-cleansing, heart-opening flows, essential oils, candle light, and healing crystals will guide you in sisterly connection on the way to yourself.


Use your intuitive creativity to manifest your wildest dreams – find and live your soul purpose.




No previous experience is necessary for this workshop. All creative materials are provided by me.


Healthy snacks and drinks will nourish us throughout our creative journey.




Be brave, dear one - embark with us on this journey - and transform your fears into powerful energy! Take your light out into the world - and let us shine together! I'm so much looking forward to getting to know you! <3


xoxo Katharina Lucia 

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