Hi there, beautiful!

I'm Katharina Lucia. Artist, Creativepreneur and Pursuer of Unapologetic Happiness.

I'm so happy you found your way into my life, my heart, my creative empire.

I've been an artist ever since I can remember... love, spirit and my gratitude for the sheer beauty of existence are my deepest inspirations.

Connections to beautiful souls dear to my heart build the foundation of what I do.

I live and love in our wildly decorated bohemian home on the green outskirts of Vienna with my family, where we indulge in our passions, hang with our tribe and frequently take trips to wild places.

Besides pouring my heart and soul into my artwork and spending time with the ones I love, I'll forever be devoted to my greatest passion: travelling the world with a good book in my pocket.

I am so happy our paths are crossing here - let's fall in love with our lives and take this beautiful journey together!

Love & Light,