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Hi there beautiful soul,

I am so very happy you found your way into my life, my heart, my deepest passions.

I'm Katharina Lucia - artist, mama, pursuer of unapologetic happiness.

katharinalucia | yogaART is so much more than an Art brand. It's a movement to make the world a better place for everyone. It's my mission to inspire people to awaken their sacred dreams, manifest their most heartfelt wishes and align with their souls.

My work is here to empower you and guide you to reconnect with your most authentic self.

Next to spending amazing moments with my family, Yoga, Art and Travelling are my deepest passions.

When I'm not in my studio or travelling the world for my workshops, I live and love on the green outskirts of Vienna with my man, our son and our baby daughter, where we indulge in our creative passions, enjoy hanging out with our tribe, and maintain a close connection to nature through frequent trips to wild places.

It is time, beautiful. To align with your heart’s deepest longings, your soul's purpose.

Now is your time to lean towards joy, trust your intuition and align with your soul. 

May my artwork be of service to you and lead you closer towards your heart's deepest wishes.

May my work inspire and support you on your path towards healing and true bliss.


I am so happy our paths are crossing here. Let's fall in love with our lives and take this journey towards a new collective consciousness together!

With so much LOVE&LIGHT to you, 

PS.: Want to see more about me and my soul journey? Follow me on Instagram and get glimpses on how I live my truth on a daily basis!